The 10 Biggest Questions

Atheists HATE The Answers To

This book is a 'faith Black Belt' allowing youth, teens and adults alike to gain the "Logical Streetfighting Sense" they need to verbally defend and perhaps even convert those annoying self-assured Atheists!

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There Is A Reason More Than 9 Out of 10 Catholics Aren’t Active…

These Are The Questions That Most Catholics Can’t Answer – So They Leave The Faith

Why is it that the pews are full of seniors, and empty of teenagers?

What is it that Parents of today don’t have, that keeps them from bringing their children into Catholicism?

How is it that 100 years ago, it was nearly impossible to break a Catholic away from their Church, and today, it is nearly impossible to get them into their Church?

The common myth, is that they “lost their faith“.  The reality is that they really never had any faith in the first place

Why?  Because they were not given tangible reasons to “believe” – only told that ‘they should, because that’s what good people do…”.

Why, then are people surprised when they send their “Church-going children” off to college, and find them returning by Christmas as card-carrying, non-believing Atheists?  The Enemy Is Well Equipped, With A Silver Tongue…

Across the last century, the Catholic education of its children, its future has failed miserably…  Catechesis training has been replaced by ‘arts & crafts’, and real education into the deeper “Why” questions has dried up due to lack of interest and lack of effort.

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The Book That Will Answer The 10 Key Questions Catholics Lose Faith Over


Find out the Real Answers to the Real Questions that Catholics are usually speechless over, when Atheists attack using convincing (but wrong) assumptions and arguments.

Your Faith will be resurrected or strengthened, and you will hone your ability to answer the tough questions that leave only one logical path – practicing the One True Faith.

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Do Not Adjust Your Dial!

This is NOT a test…

This Is The Eternal Battle

This ‘Theatre of War’ Is For Souls

Are you one of the self-proclaimed Catholics who think that ‘there’s lots of time left…’?

Do you lie to yourself about how “good” a Christian you are?

Is your reaction to the ills of society, to get frustrated, a bit angry, but in the end feel that you have to “accommodate” others, since we all have to ‘respect each other’?

What if you found out that Jesus didn’t want you to be passive?  What if you read your Bible and used HIS example, finding out he was ‘anything but’ passive?

Most people are decent in their intentions but succumb to secularism in their actions, because they can’t answer some of the most basic ‘faith concepts’.  They become beaten down, feel that they don’t have a good answer to the attacks on demonstrating their Catholicism publicly, and eventually become sheep in the corner of the room.

Find out why you need to act – find out the answers to the questions you simply cannot live without knowing.  Find out how to strive for Salvation…

Because as Jesus said many times – Everyone will NOT be saved – only those who strive for Grace.

The 10 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer

Some of the key questions covered:

One of the most amazing subjects, is the perpetuation of the ‘myth of Darwinism’.  The World’s leading Atheists write books, give lectures and make speeches, all claiming that “Darwin is beyond challenge – and GOD is dead…”.

Find out the truth, and uncover the blatant lies that they’re hiding under.

Discover how the ‘Big Bang’ exploded in the faces of Atheists… and why all Christians applaud the idea.

Then discover how it proves GOD’s existence… using the very scientific principles that Atheists try to use to disprove GOD.

Find out the myths that have been totally disproven, yet are still claimed today about the Bible.  You will be amazed at the support for it in academic circles – and they aren’t teaching religion classesthey’re scientists!

Appreciate more than ever, the truth, history and facts contained in the Bible.  Discover the simplicity, detail and historic evidence proven and verified.  Re-kindle your interest in the most incredible book ever written, and know “why” you should be learning from it!

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New “Catholic 10” Books

Target release date: December 27, 2020.

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